BattleGround Europe
The largest mass multiplayer persistant combat simulator

As one of the longest running mass multiplayer combat game Battleground Europe
has entertained us with the largest and most complex ww2 virtual battlefield


BattleGround Europe brings you back to the glory days of WWII
By ground, air and sea players unite online in two massive teams
to fight across fields, rivers, mountains and forests
and conquer the hundreds of towns to obtain victory

For weeks and months the frontline is pushed east or west 24/7.
With dozens of attacks per day there is not a boring moment.
On a quiet day over 10.000 casulties drain the supply levels.
Side operations occur regularly for sabotage, logistics, escorts and more.

it is ... Allies against Axis

Enjoy the varied equipment and huge battleground

9 different game characters wich various different weapons
100+ unit types, trucks, tanks, boats and planes
Huge size European game theater of over 300km x 300km
Over 500 chokepoints, dozens of airfields and naval docks
High Command positions to manage supplies and objectives
Realistic ballastics, fuel, ammo and damage models

Click to view more damage models

Fly a stuka, 109, the dreaded 190. an Spitfire or Blenheim bomber.
Or battle it out in a Sherman, stealthy M1 ATG gun or a giant Tiger.
Guard, resupply, attack or lead along this European theather of war

The largest teams on the web in combat all day through

Tank columns

Air wars


Para jumps

Learn the game.. find friends and have fun for years
in this huge wwii combat playground known as

Battleground Europe

Current RealTime Campaign status

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Watch official Trailers and demos

Watch some ingame combat videos of wwiionline

Watch the full fight at the city of Roermond

or take a peek at our funnies in the image gallery

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Other extra's:

Active online forums (with free battlepoker suite)
Ingame Help channel and always players willing to help out

Many extensive manuals and guides
training server available for both sides also run training centers
regular updates with new goodies and improvements
Special realism and celebration events
Various ingame text chat channels (rooms)
many languages supported, this game is played allover the globe
many squads active with regular squad nights
Large TeamSpeak support (ground, naval, air and high command)
Various game intel systems freely available ( BEGM,,
Headtracker devices supported

Open invite to the squad 14th Tactical Operations Brigade [14th]